Stainless Steel Bars, Reinforcement of Concrete

This European Standard indicates the prerequisites and test strategies for strong stainless steel bars utilized for the fortification of cement. It is relevant to ribbed stainless steel bars in review 500. A few huge changes have been made to the before standard adaptation i.e. BS6744:2001 + A2:2009, ‘Stainless steel bars for the fortification of and use in concrete – Requirements and test techniques’ and these include:

The standard is pertinent to ribbed bars that have been shaped by frosty or hot working procedures to quality review 500MPa

The higher quality review, for example, 650MPa ribbed bar is incorporated into an educational add (Annex I) that features the hazard concerning constitutive connections (Annex E of BS EN 6744: 2016

Smooth/plain/dowel bars have been evacuated except for 500MPa bar which is currently shrouded in an enlightening extension (see note underneath)

Presentation of a prescient, electrochemical test technique for deciding the consumption protection of stainless steel fortifying bar in chloride sullied concrete.


Organizations that supply smooth/plain/dowel bar already secured by BS 6744:2001 + A2: 2009 could consider offering these items under BS EN 10088 Part 5 (bars for development purposes). As this is an orchestrated standard, this would require CE checking and in this manner extra expenses for those organizations not at present reasonably guaranteed; this is thought to be more fitting than referencing the “asphalt” determination standard BS13877-3

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